An absolutely
positive experience.

Experience generates new outcomes.
New ideas. New beginnings.
Some beginnings already carry history.
Ours carries 20 years of it.
Times Two.

Who started it?

José Zitelmann

Co-founder of Absoluto Partners

José Zitelmann is a former member of BTG's G7 (top 7 partners) and a member of the BTG Executive Committee.

20 year career with BTG Pactual.

Former Managing Partner and Head of Equities at BTG Pactual LatAm Asset Management. Launched and managed the Absoluto Strategy from 2009 to 2019.

Gustavo Hungria

Co-founder of Absoluto Partners

Gustavo Hungria was a Managing Partner of BTG Pactual.

21 year career with BTG Pactual.

Former Managing Partner, launched and co-managed the Absoluto Strategy with José Zitelmann from 2009 to 2019.

Principles and Values


At Absoluto Partners we value an ownership mentality. Ownership is a habit, a way of living and dealing with the hard decisions and challenges that will inevitably face us in the years ahead. It must be cultivated, encouraged and grown every day. Here we want everybody to feel and behave as owners.


Here we do not believe in over-emphasizing individual attribution. Our central investment theses will always come from a process of collective collaboration and intensive discussion, and the best arguments will ultimately prevail, independently of who they come from.


We believe perseverance and resilience are the key attributes to obtaining superior long-term results – these are the qualities which allow individuals to reach their full potential, independently of natural gifts or talent. Having grit means to never be satisfied, it is something that drives us to continually do better and that will always keep us out of our comfort zone.


Meritocracy is the core of our evaluation and compensation philosophy. We measure our members’ adherence to our cultural values and investment process, always on a medium to long term horizon. We discourage short term and individualist behaviors.


Integrity, simplicity, humility and hard work are the characteristics we look for. Adherence to our values is imperative and non-negotiable and inform all our actions, both inside and outside our company.

More than just a fund.
Absoluto Partners adopts a proven philosophy that goes beyond investing - it also applies to the way we run our business.