Our Investment Philosophy

We are assertive

We believe that concentrating investments in our best ideas is the way to guarantee greater and better returns.

We are diligent

We are profound and meticulous in all our assessments.

We are demanding

We insist on high standards when assessing companies.

We belong

The team’s alignment with the investors is an essential principle for our business.

We are independent

We act in an independent and flexible way without any conflict of interests. The only thing that we do is investment management.

It is the combination of
our experience, the strong
relationships we have
built, and our investment
philosophy that makes it
possible to convert best
ideas into effective

The alignment between our beliefs and our audiences’ motivations is at the heart of our target definition.

Our investors believe in our investment philosophy

and companies we invest in practice this ideal everyday

so we run our business following the same belief: a hands-on management focused in commitment, execution and excellence.